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Tre Chic

Third Ward Branding

The EEDC Branding project works closely with the local to promote the significance of various businesses in the Third Ward neighborhood through sophisticated branding and environmental graphics. This method also contributes and elevates Third Ward’s history, beauty, and economy, which can ultimately attract the populace in different areas to visit and indulge in the enrichment of this neighborhood. Essentially, our team endeavor to highlight the hidden importance of diversity, culture, and tradition among the population in this area.



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Tre Chic, a pop-up business, gathers and develops partnership with new and small businesses that cannot operate on their own in the area. The business yearns to establish inclusiveness and cooperative relationships between different businesses and Third Ward’s community, as well as, embracing the local’s artistic integrity and entertainment.

Hand-painted logos and typography preserves the rich history and culture of the aesthetic visualization of this neighborhood. Each of the hand painted signs has its own unique story and all work together to create the Third Ward’s identity. Combining that aspect with the business model of Tre Chic, this brand identity is something very familiar but modernized and enlivening.




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  • Trinh's Set 1
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