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Texas Velocity

In the news of bringing the bullet train system to Texas from the Texas Central Partners, LLC (Texas Central), Novus – Texas Velocity brand guide book is a branding project that cover multiple aspects of the fictitious Company Brand Systems. Conceptual brand logo, marks and signature was created based on the four main values of Novus Company, innovation, connection, agility and efficiency. Following the brand identity elements are many other guide systems include color, typography, photography, business stationery, signage, marketing and boarding collateral, digital media, and vehicle and apparel identification.



Branding, Print, Environment, Web & UI



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Following the four brand defining attributes, Innovation, Connection, Agility and Efficiency, the brandmark is an emergent between innovation of transportation technology and cordial, welcoming services of the company. Innovation, from the Latin innovationem, means to renew or to change. The in means “into,” and novus means “new”. The name Novus signify a new way of transportation that would change people form of travelling between Houston and Dallas.




Brand Colors

These are the Novus branded colors. Use these as dominate colors on print and electronic publications and full-color advertising.







Mazin's Anatomy







Mazin's Anatomy







Mazin's Anatomy







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